Thursday, March 4, 2010

Features Down with SCOPUS

Due to some changes made at SCOPUS site, many search features offered by SCOPUS is not currently available. If you get to SCOPUS from the Libraries page, you can search but you won't be able to save or e-mail the search results or export them to RefWorks. However, if you already established your personal account with SCOPUS in the past, there is a solution. Please directly go to and login with your user id and password. (If your browser persistently accesses the Libraries proxy server url, please clear the cache in the browser.) Everything should work for you as usual.

If you are new to SCOPUS or has not yet set up your own account, the above option is not available. If you want to manage your SCOPUS search results better, please drop me a line.

This blogpost is relevant to the University of Manitoba community only.