Sunday, February 15, 2009

CitationLinker & Proxyserver Bookmarklet Video Clips

Reference Services recently created two video clips to demostrate CitationLinker, and Proxyserver Bookmarklet installed on your browser tool bar.


Have you had instances where you want to quickly go to the full-text article based on a citation at hand?

The Libraries has a solution for you: CitationLinker.

Proxyserver Bookmarklet:

We all navigate the Internet using a wide range of freely available searching & browsing tools. The University of Manitoba Libraries offers many research journals across the disciplines and other periodicals through its E-Library resources to the University community. For many research areas, our E-journal resources support PhD programs. Proxyserver Bookmarklet quickly connects you to E-Library resources while searching & browsing the Internet.

Here is a demo.

This is an old blog post explaining how to install the bookmarklet on your browser tool bar.

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