Monday, March 10, 2008

Basic Steps to RefWorks

This morning, I had 50 minutes to introduce RefWorks and how to use it in conjunction with Scopus and Google Scholar to a small group of Textile Sciences class. Last December, I had a post about extra cleaning steps one needs to go through in order to export the records selected in Scopus to RefWorks. Since this year, Scopus fixed the glitch. As in the past, after you select the records from your research results, go to Output icon (shown above) and it's ready to export the records to RefWorks in the next screen. "RefWorks direct export" pull-down menu option is already selected for you. All you have to do is to select in which format (Citation only; Abstract format; Abstract format with References; Complete format; and Specify fields to be Exported) you want to export the records.

I ran out of time to cover how to compile a quick bibliography in RefWorks this morning. For the students who attended my session this morning, I have attached a tutorial page which covers all the basic RefWorks steps. The tutorial page also includes the steps to compile Quick Bibliography.

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