Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Scopus & RefWorks

Many students and researchers in my constituencies are often glad to find Scopus when I demonstrate it to them. Scopus gives quite successful results when you are looking for highly interdisciplinary topics in social sciences. Other notable characteristics of Scopus are: 1) it indexes citations and helps searchers find the network of related research; and 2) references and linking help them browse more a meaningful citation universe for their topic.

The problem arose when I actually tried to transfer what I found in Scopus to my RefWorks database. Natually, you want to keep building a bibliography and if you have already started something in RefWorks on your research, you want to transfer what you found in Scopus, as well. I selected "RefWorks direct export" to transfer about 30 records, as this works like a magic in many other databases. But, when I get to RefWorks, it only transferred one record, only!

The Solution to Transferring Scopus Records to RefWorks:
In order to transfer all the records you selected in Scopus successfully to RefWorks, you need to go through extra steps.

I put together an online instruction for this.

If you have any questions or feedback about the instruction, please comment.

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