Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New E-Library Menu in the New Year!

At the beginning of December, I posted an instruction to show how to browse E-Library resources. Well, I just received a message that the Menu will be changed; so, you will have a new way to browse. Here is a quick preview of the new E-Library Menu.

As you can see, instead of the older menu organization of  E-Books, Databases, and E-Journals, now you will have 1) Find Journal Articles, 2) Find music, images, statistics, e-books and more, and 3) Browse the e-journal shelf.  One advantage of the new menu structure is that you will have an easy path to news related sources by clicking "Find music, images, statistics, e-books and more," then "News Media."  All the useful news sources such as New York Times, Globe & Mail, Financial Post, etc. are much easier to access where these used to be buried among other databases.  In general, having the 2nd option helped us access other types of information that are not journal articles easier.

If you still like to relate to "Databases A-Z" list, you have easy access to it from 1st and 2nd menu categories.

I will prepare a new Flush instruction, soon.

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